Tracking Traffic to a landing page with a query string link


I have a Hubspot email which points to a Hubspot Landing page with a URL that pulls information within a contact's properties, to populate what is presented on the webpage. (query string)


Here is an example of the link :


I went into the Analytics Tools and Traffic Analytics, and the traffic to the landing page is not being recorded.  It only records traffic to:


I've been round and round with support about this.  They have told me that the traffic should roll up to but it does not, and they do not have an answer for me.


Does anyone here have a idea about what I can do to get it to roll up?  I hope this makes sense.  I need to contacts property information to flow into the Landing Page when they click it.


Thanks for any help you can provide.

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Community Manager

Hi @LoraBergeron,


Thank you for posting your question on the Community. I have been in touch with the member of the Support team you are partnering with and they are still actively investigating this issue with the product team. I know that you have been working with Support on this matter for a while, and I have connected with the Support rep you are working with to ensure you are updated as soon as they have next steps. 


As this issue is specific to a technical question within your account, partnering with Support will be the best next step. 


Thank you,


Ok, thank you.  I was really hoping someone in the community would have work around.