Top 3 powerful ways of using Hubspot fro the early stage B2B SaaS


Hi! What is your top 3 powerful ways of using Hubspot fro the early stage B2B SaaS?

We are getting $1000-3000 MRR potential leads recently - it is time to take off!

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Great question @dai-tokyo !

I wanted to tag in @karstenkoehler and @Dan1 here for the discussions- Would you mind sharing your thoughts?


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Hi @dai-tokyo!

If you're early stage and getting 1-3k MRR clients I would say the most important thing you can do now is keep your pipeline full and follow up accurately. 


I would say lead scoring, setting up proper deal pipelines, and setting up workflows that support those pipelines are the most powerful in your circumstance.


Every business is different so your pipelines may look different but if I were setting some up I'd have at the minimum:
Follow Up Needed
Set Made

Lost/Bad Fit


Then have workflows that support each of those stages to maximize effiency in your sales process. 

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Hi @dai-tokyo , 


Firstly congrats on the growth!! 


I have 2 big ones that have helped us significantly. 


1) Setup your renewal pipeline early, inside of HubSpot. Although you are in acquire mode right now, a SaaS business is nothing if it can't retain its customers successfully, so make the most of HubSpot in this area. I recently shared a video on how we use HubSpot workflows to help us manage our renewals pipeline. 


2) If you can get a little bit of engineering resource internally put your product data as properties into HubSpot ASAP, eg) Last login date for customers etc. This will pay off  big time in terms of assessing the health of your customers. 


I hope this helps,  


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Hi Dan, I'm new to the community but am already loving all your posts, thank you for your contribution!

I'd like to understand what's required to get product data into Hubspot? 

Best, Sif

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Hi @SRai1 , 


Thanks for the kind words, really glad they have helped.  


We added our product data, oursleves by building an integration with our database. Commiting some engineering resource to it as we knew it would be worth it. Whats more important than ensuring your customers are using your product successfully? Thats the way we see it. 


An alternative to building yourself is to use some product analytics solutions like the following: 

Pendo ,  Segement or Intercom


But this will still likely require some engineering time. 


I hope the extra detail helps you further. 


Kind regards,