Surprising behavior of website events




I'm seeing surprising behavior with regards to website tracking.


- we have one landing page www.{domain} and an app page app.{domain}

- we get inbound traffic to www.{domain}. people register on app.{domain}. We want to track where people came from initially when they arrived on www.{domain}

- I have integrated the hubspot js in both websites. I can see the calls being made


- I do not see any request `` from app.{domain} when the traffic was originally refered. I also do not see any website data along the contacts in this case.


What am I getting wrong?

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Hi @laurent-waldo,


Without seeing specifics, my first guess would be https to non-https referral. In this case it will drop the referral data. 


IF this is the case:

  • Be sure to set the links to both domains to use HTTPS
  • You could try using the meta referrer tag
    • <meta name="referrer" content="always" />


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