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Hi community,


I'm working on developing an attribution model for social media at the post level. We are trying to get a better understanding of which posts create new contacts at the first touch level, and also those that convert our contacts to customers (either first or last touch). 


I'm not sure how to set this up in reports, or if it is even possible as I haven't been able to find any posts relating to this. Appreciate any help.





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Hi @Sandy



We don't have a specific attribution report set up for our account, but you can gain some insight into your social media attribution by looking at the Sources Report, this will allow you to drill down into specific sources (Twitter, LI, FB, G+, etc) and you can see what channels are bringing in the most new contacts.


If you want to get post level specificity you might have some luck with creating trackign URLs. This will allow you to see how well specific links are performing, and you can customize the sourcing/bucketing values. 


As I said, we don't use a specific attribution report so I don't have much guidance there but I imagine you could filter based on "original source" somehow to differentiate between different channels at least (tracking urls might help here too!). Post level specificity may be too granualar to acheive here, but the reports could still be very useful! 


Do you use any of the metrics from the Social Reports tool