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Hi there


It would be useful for us to track and report on what keywords website visitors are searching for when using the site search functionality.


e.g. a visitor is already on our website, but uses the search function on it to find more info/pages on your site. This information would be great to have to help improve the content and user experience of our website.


Also, if the visitor is a known contact in your database, it would be great to assign this history to their contact record/timeline so we can use it for more targeted lead nurturing.




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Hi @markjnor 


HubSpot's launch of a search module was great news for GCS users, but it still has a long way to come in terms of features. 


For everything you mentioned except the integration with the contact timeline I can thoroughly recommend Site Search 360


Their solution is very affordable, easy to deploy, and feature rich. 


Hope this helps.

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