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Show Help "Description" for properties at entry point

Is there a way to add a "help" description for the properties in HubSpot? Some of my users are skipping over properties, or not reviewing them - or not knowing what to select so selecting the wrong things which we then need to go and clean up. We also have this tricky property that needs to be a free text but the options need to be validated for reporting - which by its nature is causing issues because people just don't validate on entry unless they are forced to.
My workarounds for these issues in our old process was to add a description to help the user enter - but I couldn't find a solution online to do this in the platform.
Please note - I am NOT talking about forms - I am talking about entries within the HubSpot platform. I am aware this could be solved with form entry, but we are not wanting to do that.
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Show Help "Description" for properties at entry point

This would be awesome! Simple functionality that would be of great value! Having a little information symbol beside properties would be so handy, and would allow users (especially new users) to get up to speed and use the system confidently. We could have a small amount of text guiding users on new fields that we add, or fields where the name and options alone would be confusing to most people or have been incorrectly completed a few times.

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Show Help "Description" for properties at entry point

Hi @aljones 


Thank you for reaching out.


We do not have a functionnality that would directly solve for this. What I can think of would be to use the Description field when you edit/create property in order to give more information - then, if they click on Details when hovering their mouse on the specific property in the left panel on the contact record, a panel should open on the right with the description of the property. 


Hope that helps.
Have a lovely day,

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