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Says email was opened on "Apple Mail on Desktop, when it was actually opened in Outlook Desktop App

I was randomly looking through a client workflow that was automatically sending emails. I was in that workflow for testing. When I was going through my open and clicks registered in the latest email I noticed that it said I opened the email in Apple Mail.


This of course is impossible because I only open my work emails in the Outlook app on my desktop or the app on my iPhone. I then tested opening my email in the Chrome browser on my desktop and then I opened the same email on my iPhone in my Outlook app.


The browser registered correctly saying it was opened in chrome but my iPhone said it was opened on Safari Mobile which is also very strange and incorrect.


Below is a screenshot showing the two inaccuracies.




So I contacted support through chat and the person said:

“It looks like the IP address of your Macbook is the one that is being tracked by Hubspot , not the Outlook Desktop app.” She went on to say that the ID that HubSpot tracks is the Mac ID. So the ones that you have opened in your Mac /iPhone will get the opened in “Apple Mail” and Safari. It recognizes the device but does not recognize if it was in Outlook Desktop App for example on desktop or mobile.


If this is true that is not great. To further compound the issue, next month Apple will be releasing its new OS that will allow users to opt-out of opens and clicks being tracked which will complicate any sort of reliable data even further.


Has anyone else come across this or know if anything is going to be done to address this?

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Says email was opened on "Apple Mail on Desktop, when it was actually opened in Outlook Desktop App

Hi @daviddoughty ,

thank you for the explanation. What you mentioned is accurate. For now, hubspot would only be able toTidentify whether this is via mobile or desktop, but they won't be able to check for sure whether it's opened within the outlook desktop app.


I understand this is a cause of concern for you, but there's a limit to how "deep" they can track. Partially, they do not have access to outlook "ID" to state in the system whether it's from an outlook app or not.

What you can do is create a feature request in hubspot ideas forum: HubSpot Community - Ideas - HubSpot Community

Hope this helps!

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