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Revenue Attribution Reporting for Repeat Business

It seem this is somthing that has been raised previously in a couple of old posts but not as detailed as what we are looking for.


Hubspot is great at managing and reporting on new business and source attribution but repeat buisness is a nightmare! Prevoulsy, within a different company where conversion time was long, we were able to bodge this by  reporting on 're-connverted' leads and this was pretty accurate.  But in our business we get ALOT of repeat business and it can come from MANY routes, but we can't attribute to where from exactly.  Articles and agents tend to talk about 'influenced revenue' which is weak and royally inaccurate. 



- One contact multuple deals

- What was the source of each deal

- Can't rely on manaul attribution due to inarruacy and the sheer quality were are talking about

- Original source is a great metric but when 60% of marketing is on database to existing customers on HS we're missing 60% of marketing's  ROI.  


Are there any new answers for this - how are people getting around this? 


When will HS consider re-conversion/repeat buisness as fundamential to long term use of the system?  


Thanks in advance! 


Guide | Elite Partner
Guide | Elite Partner

Revenue Attribution Reporting for Repeat Business

Hi @JJagiello 


Some excellent points on recurring business attribution, as you say this is a challenge across most CRMs but there are some possible workarounds.


One thing to note is Hubspot now has Original Source and Latest Source fields so leads can be attributed via first and last touch sources which may help somewhat.

As far as converting campaigns this recent conversion field may help somewhat as well.


One way I have seen people do this in the past is to use e UTM codes to add campaign data to complete a new field on the deal called Deal Source that gets populated on the deal when it gets created. That way you have a snapshot of which campaigns were the last touch for a new deal. Unfortunately, this is not perfect as it requires some setup and keeping the workflow accurate as you add sources AND is only a last-touch attribution model.


Hope it helps a bit.

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Community Manager

Revenue Attribution Reporting for Repeat Business

Hi @JJagiello,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community!


I wanted to tag in a couple of subject matter experts to see if they have any input on this matter: 

hi @DPassman@NicoleSengers@Josh@Huble_Connor1, do you maybe have any tips you could share with us? Thank you!


Mia, Community Team     

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