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Hello - I'm wondering why certain reports are not able to be added to custom dashboards. For example, attribution reports and campaign analytics reports as well as any detail tables. We are hoping to use Hubspot's dashboards as our primary analytics dashboard but can't accomplish this when certain data/reports are not able to be added to these dashboards. I see this issue has been raised before but wanted to mention it again as it seems to be a no-brainer (though I understand there is some technical funtionality that will need to be remedied). 

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Hi @travisjones,


These reports cannot be added due to technical limitations on what types of data/reports are able to be rendered on a dashboard. Long term the team is working to allow for more types of data to be saved as a report on a dashboard. 


I have passed your feedback to the team as well.


Thank you,

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I agree that the reports should all be available to be included into dashboards., including the attribution reports