Reports Dashboard Export Issues

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Why does HubSpot truncate reports when exported? The images are shortened and I can't see a webpage's full title or labels for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn when showing analytics. I've also tried the PDF, PPT and ZIP exports and they're all the same. 


Is there a way to export reports without them being sized so small and in such poor quality?


I also want to include the hover pop outs that breakdown multiple sources, such as when you hover over sessions by source and you can see the percentages broken out by source. 

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Hi @Kwaltrip,


If you're exporting the reports in a one per page format, and using the powerpoint option you can expand the size of the image within the powerpoint download. I haven't noticed a deterioration in quality when resizing the images in the powerpoint.


As for the hover over features, those are currently not able to be downloaded, if you would like to see this information included in reports, you could add it as comments in the powerpoint slides for now. Additionally if you'd like to see an in-app solution for this functionality, I would recommend creating an idea in our ideas forum.

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It's not the size of the image in the PowerPoint that is the issue. For a table of data, only a portion of the table is visible in the it becomes unusable. The main reason for exporting is to send to someone internally that doesn't have access to view the report live in a browser. Same issue if a table has multiple "pages". 

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To piggy back on this post.


I am running into issues exporting reports from either the report builder or the dashboard. I run into the same issue where the images get chopped, even when setting one report to a page. A report that includes summarized data has multiple pages on the report, but only exports a view of page 1 with no functionality to view other pages.


To try an export this from the report builder, it only gives the unsummarized data, that then requires me to summarize the data (manually do what I am wanting HubSpot to do automatically). 


I reached out to a representative and I was told exporting updates are in the roadmap, but no clarification of what type of updates these entail, and what they will do to functionality. 

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Would love to have this functionality for more completed reporting to my company without truncated tables!!!