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Reporting on form submission in email marketing campaign?

Hi, folks,


My team has been sending out nurturing emails via workflows to reengage leads for six different programs from 2018-2021. The conversion metric we are using is how many  leads submitted a "Request More Info Form."


Using "Last email marketing name" as my X axis and sum of "Unique number of forms submitted" as my Y axis, broken down by utm_campaign, I can see how many of these submissions have come in, but contacts can continue to receive emails in the workflow even after they have submitted the form. 


Here's the gist of what I'm asking: Is there a way I can configure a report to show how which individual email triggered the form submission, rather than just the most recent email that contact received?

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Guide | Diamond Partner

Reporting on form submission in email marketing campaign?

Hi @EPiercy ,

Hopefully I right in understanding - the flow is - an email is sent out and then a form is submitted


they also have a report that shows what the last email was and how many form submissions


The goal is to see on the report what email influenced the form submission.


What i can suggest here is that- 

If you are looking to see form submissions from one particular email - what I would suggest is going forward to create a unique form (this could be a copy of the original) and use this only on the email you want to report on.

As for tracking which submissions can be from that particular email - If you had a link to the form itself and glinked me to the email - I would suggest you to please contact support as they can better assist you by going through the link from backend. 

Hope this helps!

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