Reporting on Meetings Booked in Calendly from a Workflow

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Here's what I am trying to do.....

I have a seven email workflow, with the goal to be booking a meeting with our sales reps on Calendly. (Already integrated)

In my workflow, I have the overall goal to be Activity->Meeting name "contains Calendly". 

Everything works fine in the workflow, but I am struggling on how to report on this specific goal being met. 

I also tried to do a report on meeting name, but it won't offer the option for "contains Calendly" - I don't need a report on all meetings, I need a report on *just* calendly meetings being booked.

Any ideas? I'm stumped, and I've run out of creative profanity..... 

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Hi @Billsen 


Why don't you have a look at a tool which we have been using at our organisation for streamlining the reporting process for our SDRs and our marketing campaigns.