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Hi HubSpot Community! I'm struggling to figure out how to pull a report on the overall Organic Traffic on our blog. For example, you can view the performance of each individual blog post and see where the source came from (email marketing, direct traffic, organic, etc.). Is there a way to see ALL the traffic from one type of source just for the blog?


We have the Reporting Add-on, and can filter the entire domain by organic traffic but not blog. If you go to Pages you can select blog page types, but its the overall views, not just organic views. 


Is there a way to see if my blogs have increased in organic traffic over time (not by individual post, but overall)? 


Thank you in advance!

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Q: Reporting on Blog's Overall Organic Traffic?


Short A: Try the built-in report @jiunw.


Longer A:

Use this URL and plug in <your portal ID> ...<your portal ID>/utm-campaigns?drilldownKeys=blog&drilldownLabels=blog


... should give you the overall source report for blog traffic. A good starting place?


Also, here's a great article resource entitled, Everything You Need to Know About the New Traffic Analytics


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Hope that helps.


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Hi Frank,


Thank you for replying, but for the built-in report, it only shows total views (not specifically the organic traffic).  Your long answer's link doesn't work after I update it with my portal ID.