Report on time between lifecycle stages


It would be ideal to report and compare the time it takes contacts to pass from one lifecycle stage to the next. This is an imporant sales and marketing metric - demonstratating overall effectiveness.

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Hi - You should be able to create this in Excel.  Just export whatever list you're reporting on and make sure to include the fields: "Became a Lead Date," "Became an Opportunity Date," "Became a Customer Date," and so on in your export.  Then, you should be able to subtract the "became an opportunity" date column from the "became a customer" date column to get your total days as an opportunity, for example.  (Make sure your format the cells as numbers or you'll get weird dates. 


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Thank you, trevorjones71. However, I need this detail to be made easily accessible to multiple team members.

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There is an existing similar request which has received some support already, I would recomment upvoting or commenting there if this is an important feature to you: