Referring site is own website but lead counted as Direct Traffic

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When looking at some leads that came in through direct traffic, I noticed in the Web Analytics, the site that referred the contact to our site was our own (see screenshot below) just a different page.


The contact was arritubted to direct traffic, with the entrance URL being the page they converted on. But clearly they were already on our site on another page (and clicked on a CTA that lead to the page where they converted)


Any idea as to why HubSpot would do this? They're not on different subdomains (and even then we have cross-linking set up). The only thing I can think of is GDPR settings, and they haven't opted into cookies


direct traffic.png

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Hi @ageden,


Have you reached out to HubSpot technical support regarding this matter? 


They would be able to advise on specific contacts in your portal.


Thank you,

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