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Re: Conversion rate reporting

Is it possible to create a landing page conversion rate dashboard?

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Re: Conversion rate reporting

Hi @AMercadante,


Thanks for reaching out!


The best place for landing page reports is actually within the Landing Page tool. The HubSpot dashboard pulls in an aggregated view of this functionality, so I would recommend going to the source of this data first. You can see this by clicking on Content > Landing Pages > Analyze. Here you can see Submissions, Contacts, and New Contacts which you can then sort by views or submissions.


Another option is to export this data if you'd like to drill it down further or to create a graph in Excel. At this time there isn't a way to graph Landing Page conversion rates, within the HubSpot dashboard or even in a custom report. While we can bring up Landing Pages views and graph these for a particular time frame, we can't do this for conversions.


I recommend suggesting this Idea in the Ideas forum, as our product developers frequent this forum for feedback on the product.




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