Problems with Non-HubSpot Formulas and Keycloak Login


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we're currently trying to tie everything together, so that we can track from where every lead we generate is coming. Current planned way would be:


LinkedIn Ad > (our Website) or Landing Page (also on our Website, for example: > 


As soon, as someone is registering there, we loose track. To fix this, we setup Google Tag Manager and are currently implementing it in our Keycloak which is sitting on top of

Here comes our current problem in play: Our Login Formular there has been considered as an "Non-HubSpot" Formula and also SOMETIMES catches the password of the user who is trying to login (which is really bad).

I also added an exception in GTM to exclude the HubSpot Script on these pages, but they are still fired.


How could we fix this?

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Hello @vPhilipp, I will be adding some top contributors to share their thoughts @karstenkoehler @shearn what would you recommend to @vPhilipp matter?


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