Pinning Analytics Reports to Dashboards Hides Valuable Data


When viewing a report in the 'Reports > Analytics Tools' page, for instance, 'Page > Blog Pages > Views', the chart at the top will show the total number of blog views in an area chart, bar chart, line graph, etc. Below that chart is a broken down list of ALL blog pages and the number of views. 


Analyzing the performance of certain blogs, specific backlinks, or custom URLs is extremely important, and when you pin reports to a dashboard that secondary information is hidden entirely. It would not be so much a problem if the dashboard widgets could at least LINK to the full report, but that doesn't exist yet either.


Honestly, I'm surprised that this feature hasn't already been addressed yet by the community or HubSpot. Until this data is added to reports, we will not be able to transition entirely from Google Analytics, a major shortcoming of the HubSpot marketing platform. 

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