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Hi community, 


I noticed that recently there have been too many contacts in my hubspot account with original source 'direct traffic'. However, I see the same conversions in my Google Ads and Google Analytics account with a source 'organic search' or 'paid traffic'. Could it be a bug from hubspot, especially when it was an issue with the system a short time ago? 

Did anybody notice the same weird situation with more conversions from direct traffic than it used to be before?  




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Hi @Irene911,


There are a few reasons why the direct traffic results can spike. I will also say there are analytics being processed from March 28/29th, so what you are reporting could be impacted by that. For real time updates on the analytics being processed, I wanted to share our status page.


In regards to why direct traffic spikes in general, I wanted to share these resources: 

1. More direct traffic in sources report than expected

2. Sources frequently asked questions


Thank you,


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