Original Source: Direct Traffic. Too often?

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Hi community, 


I noticed that recently there have been too many contacts in my hubspot account with original source 'direct traffic'. However, I see the same conversions in my Google Ads and Google Analytics account with a source 'organic search' or 'paid traffic'. Could it be a bug from hubspot, especially when it was an issue with the system a short time ago? 

Did anybody notice the same weird situation with more conversions from direct traffic than it used to be before?  




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Hi @Irene911,


There are a few reasons why the direct traffic results can spike. I will also say there are analytics being processed from March 28/29th, so what you are reporting could be impacted by that. For real time updates on the analytics being processed, I wanted to share our status page.


In regards to why direct traffic spikes in general, I wanted to share these resources: 

1. More direct traffic in sources report than expected

2. Sources frequently asked questions


Thank you,


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Hey Iryna


Came across your issue while I was researching this myself.

Not sure if it applies to your case but will share in case - after chatting with HS Support, we found that if you use the cookie acceptance feature on your website, contacts might be attributed to Direct if they don't accept it.


Hope this helps!