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Organic search keyword attribution in HubSpot

Us: "how'd you hear about us?"
Lead: "Google"

Us: "Okay, do you remember anything more about what you were searching for?"
Lead: "Nope. Just found you guys."




I'm sure if you're like us, finding proper first touch attribution is liking pulling teeth.


We've had hundreds of customers follow this exact same path:

  • Their source is listed as inbound marketing
  • Specific sub lead source is Google
  • First HubSpot activity record for lead is "
    This contact was created from Organic Search from Unknown keywords (SSL)"

But we can never seem to figure out which specific keywords led them to find us in the first place.


Screen Shot 2021-09-21 at 6.20.59 PM.png


Is it possible to get visibility into which specific keywords or search query leads used to originate in HubSpot this way?


Unlocking this would be gold for us, because it will give us better visibility into what pages leads are viewing after the specific keywords they've searched.


Any ideas for tools that can do this? (Ideally HubSpot itself?)

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Organic search keyword attribution in HubSpot

Hi @natejoens,


Thank you for your post, we apologize for the delay here!

In September 2013, Google made a change that encrypts the search results for its users to protect their privacy while browsing. As a result, web analytics packages, such as HubSpot, unfortunately cannot identify the keywords that generate organic search traffic from websites. That's why visits originating from most Google searches are now bucketed under Unknown keywords (SSL). 


I wanted to share this Community article with you where @Phil_Vallender and @PatrickEng share their insight and tips.



Mia, Community Team


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