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is there a way to set up a notification (internal) for a report once a value surpasses a certain level? I need an alert system so I can react faster on e.g. wrong attribution of properties. This could be easier done when I would have such an alert system I could add to surpassing benchmarks on reports.


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Hi @wiebke_m,


Yes and no. Yes, if you were looking to be notified when a specific property (number) is greater than any value, you can use a workflow to notify you when a contact exceeds that number. To accomplish this, you 'll use a contact workflow and choose whichever property you'd like to be notified about. As long as it is a number property, you will see options to enroll a contact when a value is greater than or equal to. After you set up the enrollment criteria, you can set up your internal notification however you'd prefer.


No, if you are looking for notifications on reporting values. For example, getting a notification when a specific blog achieves more than X number of views.


If I'm misunderstanding what you're trying to accomplish, please provide more detail and I can help better.



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Hey Josh, thanks for your reply.

I am exactly looking for the second one, to be for example notified when more than x leads are created on a day, more than y views on a content in a day etc.


If this is not existing yet, I would ask to add this to upcoming product update discussions, as it would make life much easier.


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