Name the list that a contact has been uploaded on in the original drill down 2

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Hi @sscott18, I'm not sure how many import lists you are dealing with, but when you look at an imported Contact in HubSpot and view the Original Source drill-down 2 field, there is an "i" icon. If you hover over that icon you can copy and paste the interal list ID into a table or Excel sheet or something, add your list name as a column, and then use that as a lookup table for your analytics.  May not work for you if you are managing hundreds of upload lists, but if you aren't it may help.Capture drill down 2.JPG

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This is a great idea, users should be able to have actionable data on contact exports, and when you export contacts with the OG drill down 2 property of list import, you just get a string of characters. Having it be the list name instead would make the information more actionable and useful!