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We're in the process of consolidating multiple instances of HubSpot used in our organization by different locations into one.  However, before we can achieve that, we will be launching a unified external website for all regions.  We currently have the HubSpot tracking code for one of the instances/regions on the website but aren't able to put the second one on as only the first one will fire off (as per: ).  Once we do have all regions consolidated on the unified website and on a single HubSpot instance, this won't be a problem.


Has anyone encountered a similar scenario and, if so, is there a workaround that could be recommended?


We do have the capability of applying the code at lower levels in the page hierarchy (ie. at the regional level) but then we'd lose tracking pages that are shared across all regions.



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Hi @DKipp 


We've done something similar for a large corporate with multiple devisions. 


The approach we took was to build the integated instance out and then redirect all traffic from the devisional site to the main one. This meant no outage or confusion around the data. Now that sessions are pretty much down to zero on the divisional site, we plan to move the domain over fully (making it a redirection domain on the main instance) and shurt down the second portal. 


Not quite what you are talking about, but it worked well in this case. 


Hope it provides some ideas for you.

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