Major Discrepancy Between Hubspot Analytics and Google's

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Hey all. 


We have Google Analytics running on our website. For most of our website pages - the page view's line up nearly 1:1. 


However, on our Homepage, Google analytics is reporting a page view number that is almost 5 times larger than the HubSpot number. (About 10,000 vs 2,000 views)


I was curious if this is normal. Is there some sort of error with our analytics? Curious what may be causing this or which number to trust as accurate.

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Could be lots of reasons ...

- see HubSpot analytics and Google Analytics don't match

Hope that helps.





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Thanks for the reply. I had actually stumbled across that page. The odd thing though, is that this only happens on one of the pages (the home page)... the other pages *roughly* line up. 

I wasnt sure if a difference as massive as ours is considered "normal". If nothing else, should we put more reliance here on the HubSpot figures, of Google figures?


Could it be possible that the homepage is just getting a lot more repeat traffic than the other pages, traffic that HubSpot is filtering out while Google is not?

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Bump on this. Can't seem to find a reasonable explaination. 

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Hi @shullski,


There are a variety of resources and blog posts around this topic. A few I have found useful in the past are:


If you have specific questions around your portal's set up and metrics, I would recommend connecting with HubSpot technical support to discuss this matter specifically in your portal.


Thank you,

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I would first take a look at:


  • IP filters for GA view & HubSpot - do you exclude same traffic?
  • Do you exclude known bots & filters from GA?

Next, I would create a custom segment for traffic landing in home page (with only 1 pageview). Then I would analyse the traffic:

  • cities
  • browsers
  • ISPs etc

To see if there is something weird.



@MikkoPiippo Hi there - I recently noticed a huge discrepancy between HS & GA, specifically around traffic originating from email. Upon further research I identified that most of that GA traffic was coming from an Amazon bot. This was the first time hearing about this (GA is not my department) and am wondering if you can provide any further information on all the known bots we should definitely be excluding from GA? 


Thanks in advance!