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Mailchimp Integration question

I searched the forums but couldn't find the exact answer. Appreciate if anyone can help. A bit about what we want to do:

  1. We are using Marketing Hub Enterprise.
  2. We are engaging a marketing agency to handle an email marketing campaign. They have their contacts on MailChimp and will be using MailChimp for this campaign.
  3. We want to be able to see the analytics on Hubspot.

From the articles I read, the Hubspot - MailChimp integration works one-way. i.e. Hubspot contacts > MailChimp contact > MailChimp send.


My question is since the contacts are already on Mailchimp, would importing mailchimp contacts to HS cause duplicate entries in Mailchimp?

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Mailchimp Integration question

If you'd like to sync the HubSpot and Mailchimp databases, then the Operations Hub data sync would have a 2-way sync. 

Alternatively, you could use Outfunnel's HubSpot-Mailchimp integration. This way you could sync email engagement from specific MailChimp audiences into HubSpot, and if the contact didn't exist in Hubspot yet, Outfunnel would create that contact.

PS. You mentioned seeing analytics in Hubspot. Curious what kind of reporting you'd like to see?


Mailchimp Integration question

Thank you for your reply. I have read about Data Sync and Outfunnel. As this is a one-off requirement, we will not be looking for a paid solution. As for the analytics, I'm looking at the open rate, etc which I know the hubspot-mailchimp integration can do. Just that I haven't actually seen how it looks like.


Anyway, this is now moot as we have managed to convince the agency to use Hubspot.

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Mailchimp Integration question

Hi @ATeo ,

According to this article here, Mailchimp scans for the duplicates and makes sure that one email address appears only once. But if you have multiple audiences, then an email address can appear in two diff audiences. 
To import Mailchimp contacts to HubSpot, you can go to Marketing > Email > Import Contacts (left side) then, click MailChimp to import contacts from MailChimp and HubSpot will not have duplicate contacts as with one email add, only one contact will be created:


Hope this helps!

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