List of all contacts that visited via utm code?

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We use utm codes within campaigns to track activity from digital advertising.


I can generate a list of new contacts who visited the site for the first time via the utm code and the Original Source fields but I'd also like to create a list of contacts who were already in our database who re-visited because of a digital ad. 


I can see the utm code at the bottom of the contact timeline when I hover over the name of a page that was viewed but I can't seem to access that field to create a list.


Any ideas are appreciated.




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Just upvoted this. I too would love to have the ability to create lists of contacts that visited via utm codes.

Apparently, Hubspot removes UTM tags from the reports, but I can't understand why.

I wanted to generate a report to see how many contacts have specific campaigns influenced. E.g. If I run a paid social campaign to promote a website page and visitors from that campaign convert on a landing page, I have no way to tell apart from visiting each landing page in the account and look at the sources report which is not ideal when you have tens of landing pages.


I hope they'll find a solution to this soon.


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I agree- mainly because this is affecting my company's need to set up a more robust attribution reporting program. Right now, we are waiting to hear back from HubSpot on if it is even possible to get a contact's timeline touchpoints extracted for an attempt to get a bigger picture of the path to conversion (MQLs for us) and the data to back optimization efforts for all our campaigns. 

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Hi there HubSpot developers,


Please, we really need this. How are we supposed to calculate the ROI of our digital advertising campaigns if we cannot track each interaction in our CRM?


Salesforce has a seemless integration with Google Ads and Facebook Ads and you don't even need to use utm_campign tags to get info on what campaigns generated what interactions.


I spent hours and hours tagging all my ads to later find that HubSpot stores the utm_campaign tag values for all interactions but will not allow us to see them in the Activity feed of every Contact. Unbelievable!


Please, allow us to see this info asap!


Best regards,



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I just want to chime in on this as well. Creating lists based on UTM parameters and the ability to see visits from tagged campaign links in the activity feed has been something that I hoped Hubspot would have implemented by now. Otherwise, attribution of existing contacts to ongoing campaigns is pretty difficult, as far as I can see. Would love to see an update on this.