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For those using both the marketing and sales platforms, why isn't there a clear way to link a deal back to a campaign? It seems like it should be obvious in linking marketing efforts to sales deals.

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Hi @IGI 


Its a good question. 


I think it comes down the philosophy that is behind the CRM. In HubSpot, a campaign is a collection of assets that can reach and influence contacts. A deal, meanwhile, is an abstract concept that can not be touched by a campaign. So it makes no sense to associate indiviudal deals with campaign. But deal associated to contacts touched by the campaign can be measured. 


I could be completely wrong though. Interested to hear others' thoughts.


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I would agree 100% with @Phil_Vallender on this one. Great answer!


@IGI,  The campaign analytics tool under reports > analytics tool is a very easy way to see which contacts were influenced. The table report at the bottom will also show which deals were closed that were associated with the campaigns, but the deal has to be connected to an influenced contact.



Campaign Analytics.JPG




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This feature would be really useful for us. We create campaigns for specific 'order windows'  which target existing customers who may have multiple other deals in hand. So, to prove a tangible $ROI for that particular order window it would be useful to link individual deals with the relevant campaign. The overall value of a contact (shown in the 'influenced revenue' column in the table quoted below) is useful but it doen't drill into the ROI value of specific campaigns, which would provide a more accurate attribution of $revenue generated.

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Right and for me, the "command z" option doesn't work. Believe it or not, some people do not know about command/control z!! Crazy that there's no undo arrow!