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Hi everyone! 


I'm looking to make a report that shows how much I'm spending on marketing per lead. I understand I'd need to put in the total marketing amount spent and then run that by the number of contacts coming in, but I'm not sure how to put in that marketing amount. Any suggestions? 


Thank you in advance! 

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Hi @rboniek,


Within HubSpot, there's not really a great way to do this. At this time, the best way to calculate that is outside the system itself.


In the Campaigns setting, you can identify the overall budget for a campaign, but that's not really going to help you with this specific request. You can also do some ROI calculations from Ads run through HubSpot, but again, not specifically what you're trying to accomplish here.


If someone has found a good way to do this within HubSpot as it stands today, please share!



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Indeed not possible in HubSpot right now.


I would also really enjoy, for many of my clients, to be able to calculate cost per lead for some campaigns. I figure the easiest way would be manually enter the total amount spent for the campaign and divide by the number of new leads. If we could have that to show in a campaign's summary panel at the top, it would be great!


Of course, the "cost per lead" is not a meaningful metric for all campaigns, but still simple and valuable in general.