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Landing Page - Time per page View - Not showing any data

Hi there


I created a single landing page which included CTAs and downloads.  30 individual users landed on the page and there were 4 CTA clicks and 7 views... bit the "Time Per Page View" is showing 0. Any ideas as to why?

Screenshot 2023-01-19 at 09.15.41.png

Screenshot 2023-01-19 at 09.16.40.png


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Landing Page - Time per page View - Not showing any data

Hello @KMol3 , thank you for posting in our Community!


Currently, the time per page view calculation excludes exits, meaning views where that page was the last page viewed in a session. So if for example, I viewed that page but only that page, or if I viewed 5 pages but that page was the last one I viewed, a page view would be counted but the time I spent on the page would not count towards the time per page view, so it would remain 0.

We don't have anything that records how long someone is on a page. We only record the time the page loaded, and so our way of knowing how long someone spent on a page is based on the time they loaded the next page. Since in the case of an exit, no next page ever loads, it's not technically possible to say how long the user spent on the previous page.


With this in mind, if you look at your landing page performance, there is an option for 'Exit per Page View ' (the percentage of sessions that ended after viewing this content). As this is the case, and the people who viewed this page from those sources did not move to another tracked page, so we were unable to calculate the time they had viewed the page and this is why the Time per Page View metric could be showing 0 for those other sources.


Please let me know if you have additional questions or if you would like clarification on this.




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