HubSpot AMP, Google Analytics & Google Experience Update


This week it was reported that Google will be using the AMP version of a web page to score performance in the Google Page experience update. 

The challenge we face currently is the fact we can't turn on AMP without losing visibility of the performance of our blog traffic via Google Analytics because javascript is removed, so we are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Risk losing rankings or risk losing insight. 

Do HubSpot have any plans to add an editor to adjust the config of the analytics tag on AMP pages? so we can implement it based on Google's suggested process? 

Is there an alternative solution out there to track HubSpot AMP pages via Google Analytics or GTM? 


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Community Manager

Hello @Carl_Sadecki 


I was able to find a similar idea in our Ideas forum here, about this subject and what other users did so far.

My suggestion is if you could please upvote this idea to receive any updates in the future.





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