How to track everything: Google Ads Gclid and Google Analytics CID for HuSpot Meeting via Chat etc.


Hi. I'm not a complete newbee to Google Ads GA & GTM, but I am new to Hubspot. So I've just digged into the subject above and structured my inquiry for you hopefully to advice more:

1. Track Google Ads Glcid - it goes with native Hubspot integration. Any alternatives to track more than two Google Ads accounts per one Hubspot account?

2. This looks like a solution to track GA CID as well but it's not a finished one, just the idea: - Anybody saw the ready DYI guide or detailed algorythm?
3. Here is also how to track HubSpot meeting conversions in GA and PPC with the help of GTM:  and Here is how to track Hubspot chat conversation start: - Based on this two ar nother solutions: does anybody know how to track the same Hubspot meeting conversions, when booking is done via Hubspot chat?

Look forward to creating a really usefull artcile together!



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Hi @Danylo ,

1- For this question, are you asking if it is possible to connect more than one google ads account in hubspot?


If this is so, then the answer is yes. this is mentioned in the KB doc here:


In the dialog box, select Google Ads. If you have multiple Google Ads accounts, a list of your accou...

2- Based on the discussion so far, there are some suggestions on the functions they can use to track the user's page views, there is no article or guide on this so far, you might want to check out if the other community thread linked by Isaac is relevant to what you want to do here.


3-If I am not wrong then you want to track the conversions on meeting links, based on the conversations done in your live chats? If so, then 


you could create a report to show the sales activities and contacts, then filter the sales activities by "meetings" and show the "meeting source"


It could possibly show you different meeting source based on where the contact got the meeting link from


You can try this method here^ suggested by one of the technicians. 


Hope this helps!

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