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How to manage and analyze Marketing Campaign on Hubspot?

What is a marketing campaign in general in B2B?

It's a planned set of actions and activities aimed at promoting one or more pieces of content with the goal of generating leads. The campaign can be conducted through various channels, which we need to track to understand the return on each and on the campaign as a whole.


Possible content included in a campaign:

Gated content, Webinar, Event, Demo page, etc.


Possible conversion channels:

Landing page (organically), Smart list (targeted sending to the database), newsletter, Pop-up, Ad campaign, etc.


KPIs I want to track:

Number of leads generated, i.e., those who have converted on one of the campaign contents, broken down by conversion channel (arrived from the smart list, arrived from the pop-up, from the landing page they navigated to from the site, etc.).


Another thing:

Being able to link these leads from a specific campaign to the Deals, so we know that a Deal was generated by that campaign.


On Salesforce, the campaign is a container of contacts, so I just need to funnel them there from different sources, and I have the number of contacts generated by the campaign. Additionally, from the campaign, I can open a Deal, and in this way, I also know the deals generated by the campaign. How do I do all of this on Hubspot?


If I create a campaign on Hubspot, how do I see the list of contacts who have filled out a form associated with that campaign? It seems to me that this data is missing; new contacts only count the contacts I didn't already have in the database, and influenced contacts also counts those who haven't made a submission.


Am I missing something?


Thank you!

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How to manage and analyze Marketing Campaign on Hubspot?

Hi @SimoneM1,


the KPIs you describe all seem pretty basic and you should be able to report them in HubSpot. The main question here would be how the data points get into HubSpot. If you use native HubSpot tools (like HubSpot forms), this shouldn't be an issue. The same goes for ad campaigns, if you connect the ad managers to HubSpot.

Do you already have all the data points you need in HubSpot?
If the answer is no, you first need to find a way to get the needed data to HubSpot.
If the answer is yes, you should be able to report the things described with the HubSpot Reporting Tools and maybe some lists.

A good way to start is to review one contact that you know came from the campaign and check the conversion properties (like First/Recent Conversion, Original/Latest Source, Source Drilldowns etc.). Those properties should help you to create Reports or Lists and segment the contacts as needed.

The same thing applies to Deals. Workflows could also be helpful here, to copy Contact properties to associated deals.


Let me know if this was already helpful or if you have any questions.


Best regards



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Community Manager

How to manage and analyze Marketing Campaign on Hubspot?

Hey @SimoneM1, thank you for posting in our Community!


A B2B marketing campaign promotes content to generate leads through various channels. Key components include:

  • Content: Gated content, webinars, events, demo pages.
  • Channels: Landing pages, smart lists, newsletters, pop-ups, and ad campaigns.
  • KPIs: Leads generated, conversion channels, deals from leads.

    Let's invite our top experts to this conversation, @HubSpot_Corey and @colinwitt do you have any recommendations for @SimoneM1 matter?

Thank you,


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