How to do attribution over time reporting for an interaction source?


I want to track how the effectivess of our email marketing and organic social is changing over time.


I can create an attribution report for e.g. this year's MQLs, interaction source, linear model. That's great. I can see email marketing and organic social columns.


But I am limited by the date range options.


What I would like to be able to do (I think) is be able to filter the report by interaction source (so I could just show email marketing in one report) and then have a "frequency" option or similar set to "monthly" so I could show month-by-month and (hopefully) show how our email attribution is improving over time.

But I don't think this is possible - so, is there another way to get something similar?

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Hi @auto-mate ,

These are the date ranges that we get reports:



Hope this helps!

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HI, I don't think you've got an attribution report in your screenshot. Attribution reports don't have the "frequency" option that contact reports have. That's what I alluded to in the OP. 


Or is your screenshot something else? 


OK, further inspection... there is no Frequency option in the attribution report builder view. But there is a Frequency option in the "customize" view.

Problem is, it does not seem to function. If I change the frequency to month or quarter, I do not get multiple columns as expected - is this a bug or a feature?