How to create a report of last marketing email opens contacts have had before becoming unengaged




We have a big database of contacts, many of whom have become unengaged. We would like to re-engage them, especially the ones who have previously actively engaged with marketing emails. Accordingly, we would like to know, what was the last piece of content they were interested in before becoming unengaged.  I have created a list of these contacts but haven't found a way of doing a report of their last email activities, which would include the name of the last email they opened as this is not an existing contact property. I know it is possible to just go through all the contacts one by one and get this information in their profiles, but how can I do this efficiently for several thousand contacts? There must be a way.

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Hi @SVentela 


Thank you for reaching out.


I want to tag some of our experts on this - @Josh @NicoleSengers @StefaniUAT do you have any thoughts for @SVentela on this? 


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Hello @SVentela

The way that I would do this is instead of a list, creating a report. 

Reports > Create New Report > Report From Scratch > Custom Report Builder > Contacts + Marketing Emails > Next > Update the Chart type to Table > Add whatever properties you would find helpful. I've included a few sample properties that you may find helpful. For Filters, you will want to use the parameters that you used to create your list.

 Screenshot 2021-10-04_14-55-33-984.png 


Thank you @TiphaineCuisset for tagging me.

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Hi @StefaniUAT!


Thanks for the detailed answer! This definitely helped me understand the custom report builder better.


However, I still can't get the name of the last email the contact opened before becoming unengaged. The Marketing email name-value shows the name of the last email that was sent to them, but this is not very useful information as for most of these contacts it is the re-engagement campaign email. The property for the last opened email name apparently does not seem to exist. Moreover, some of the emails are RSS feed emails and their names and campaigns are blank fields in the report.