How many pageview the client did before purchasing?

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I'm trying to detect how many sessions/pageviews my customers did in the 2 weeks before the purchase.
The purchase in the Ecommerce creates a Deal via API Integration; the goal is to detect the average sessions/pageviews my clients do before buying.

Anyone who can help?

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Hi @leo_csrt 


In my portal, when a contact becomes an MQL, I copy the number of visits and page views to custom properties so that I have a record of their behaviour up to that point. 


This doesn't work for the two week time window that you mentioned though, if that is important.


To achieve that you need to put page views or visits into a value that decreases as well as increases based on time. You might be able to hack lead scoring to do that. 

Hope this helps.

Phil Vallender | Inbound marketing for B2B technology companies
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Awesome!  Thanks for this idea, we're using it now!