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How do I use sales calls, meetings and emails in attribution reports?

I am building a comprehensive catelogue of reports in HubSpot, based on Campaigns, using the attribution report feature. It's amazing!


On the Marketing side of things, I have everything sorted out. However, I was wondering if I need to link Sales calls, meetings and emails to their own Campaign(s)?


The reason I'm wondering this is some of our Sales activity happens independently of Marketing Campaigns. So if my reports are built from a list of Marketing Campaigns, the Sales team's activity (that sits outside of these Campaigns) may not be visible in the attribution reports. So I need a way to ensure they are factored in - and my initial thoughts are to create Campaigns for Sales.


What does the community suggest?

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Key Advisor | Diamond Partner
Key Advisor | Diamond Partner

How do I use sales calls, meetings and emails in attribution reports?

Hey @RCronan4, mapping in sales activities like this isn't currently possible in the campaigns tool.  You could kinda work around that by using the workflows tool and make a workflow that runs based on one of these events happening.  This could show a singular point of attribution, but not all of it.  Another possibility is using a static list and having workflows put contacts on that list when they book a certain meeting, have a call with a specific title, or the email body contains a certain string for instance.  


I don't think it would be perfect, but you could show some point of attribution.  You might want to just look at the native attribution reports as they have this baked in already.  

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