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How can I measure chatbot starts per page or per view?

I don't see any of the Analytics tools showing chatflow success.

In the chatflow builder, it only shows "completions" I believe, and that is biased towards the simplest chatflows.

I'm trying to personalize, tweak, get creative, and I need to see which variationof my chatflow is started more, or is driving more leads on a per page or percentage of session/views mode. NOT completions which is just a testament to simplicity.

Are there any out of the box reports, dashboards,or analytics, that can show me how many engage with one chat vs another?

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Guide | Diamond Partner

How can I measure chatbot starts per page or per view?

Hi @donrua ,

HubSpo have few conversations based reports in report library but unfortunately what you are asking for is not possible at this stage. However it is a good idea to have a conversation analytical tool in HS to analyse all your conversations. I will suggest you to put this idea on community's idea forum. HS Product team view these ideas and thse who gets most upvotes, they work on that.

Hope this helps!

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