Help for tracking video plays on landing page

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hi, I'm looking for advice on tracking video views for videos on a landing page. We aren't using the new hubspot video hosting feature because it has its limitations in the module we have created for our video and doesn't work properly for us.  

So we have embedded our vimeo videos. But i just want to ask - how do you track the views/stats for embedded videos? Will this be shown in vimeo's video stats? Will husbpot be shown as source url? 

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>>Help for tracking video plays on landing page


Yes. The lack of video view stats in the HubSpot/Vidyard integration is a HUGE disappointment. Especially considering that the data is readily available to HubSpot via the Vidyard API. (water under the bridge)


Haven't worked with the Vimeo integration. But Wistia video view stats are available directly in the contact activity timeline. We only mention it here because workarounds are ... well ... clunky and typically involve viewing the stats on the video hosting platform.


A more elegant solution is to use a 3rd-party reporting dashboard like Databox to track video view stats on HubSpot assets (e.g., LPs). Again, even that solution can be a bit clunky if you have to resort to cloning video instances unique to each HubSpot asset.


Wish we could be of more help, but Databox should give you a good place to start.


Can't wait to see what we can help you build on HubSpot today.



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Hi @AllisonAltus


I agree with @MFrankJohnson here.

The HubSpot video feature is in its infancy and some things are not available yet. I'm confident that HubSpot will work them out over time, but in the meantime, your best solution will be to use Wistia, with the HubSpot-Wistia integration, and some advance reporting with Databox.


Here's a case study showing the power of HubSpot + Databox + Wistia to measure success on video efforts and prove that video closes more customers.

I hope this helps. If it does please mark it as one of the solutions.

Thanks and have a great week