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Is there a way to add a Google Analytics report into a dashboard in HubSpot? I can see they've added a feature where you can embed external content e.g. through an url but at least my Analytics Report isn't showing. Might be something with the permissions to view or something similar?


Anyone know of a solution for this? Basically what I'd like to view is the page views / session to our website through the Google Analytics report instead of using HubSpot's own reports for this. 

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Hi @HannaNy,


This is probably not a question of permissions. To embed external content, it may have to be public or the provider must prompt you to login. Google Analytics might not support this embedded login, unfortunately.


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Hi @HannaNy ,

Try to embed some slide or a twitter feed in your dashboard. If they are working means then may be google doesn't facilitate to embed its report on external platform.

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