Filtering engagements dashboard report by contact property

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I would like to be able to filter my engagements dashbaord report by a contact property. We do apartment rentals and I want to know how many engagements (calls, emails, meetings) we get for each building (There is a custom contact property called 'Property Prospected). Currently. I can only filter by the user who entered an engagement, but if they do leasing for multiple buildings, it is not possible for me to see how many they had for a particular building and itsead just bulks it together which is not good. Does anyone know if this is possible. Maybe it only exists at a higher subscription level

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Hi @Jeffb,

You should be able to do this in the Reporting Add-On.  Click the "create custom report" button.  Then click "the Across Data Sets" Block on the left.  Choose "Activities" and "Contacts in the center of the screen and say next.  Add the proerty you want to filter by on the left, then click "filters" at the top and set your report to filter by the contact property that identifies the building.


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