Difference between Tracking URL Tool and Custom UTM parameters?

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So I am currently using the Hubspot Tracking URL shortener to track my messages on social media.

I was wondering if anyone could explain the difference between using this and also adding custom UTM parameters at the end of the link?

Can I use both?


Thanks in advance

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Hi @abdul  There is nothing really stopping your from adding UTMs to a shortened link, but I'm curious why you would want to do that? 


Are you trying to shorten a link with UTMs, then add more UTMs to the shortened link? 


Thank you,

Ed Justen 

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Yes, I was trying to add custom UTM parameters to a link. But wasn't sure if using the URL shortener and selecting the same campaign and source used in UTM parameters will affect the reports?


Sorry, I'm just new to all of this in case it comes across as a silly questionSmiley Happy