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Customer Journey (Beta) reporting limitations

I am attempting to use the new (beta) journey report tool to track a specific campaign and am hitting some roadblocks, so want to convey my feedback to the dev team here.


This is what I want to do and what the tool is limiting me to: 


What I want to do: 

Filter the entire journey for a campaign so that it only considers ads, landing page views, form submissions, email sends, opens and clicks associated with the specified campaign. Ideally, with a single filter, but I'd be fine with having to input the individual ID's. I then want to see the sankey chart break out paths through each asset within the campaign. 


I have 12 ads, 3 forms, and 38 emails I want to track as part of this campaign journey. From the journey report I want to be able to identify which ads drive views of which forms, then which of those views drive submissions, then which emails drive opens and clicks, and finally how many of my original entrants become customers in the end, and what path delivered that final outcome most often. This will highlight which assets are underperforming so we can prioritize our optimizations to enable this campaign to perform at its best. 


What I can do right now: 

  • I can include multiple ads by filtering for Ad Campaign ID, but cannot see the journey path for each ad asset, only for all combined
  • I can include multiple forms by filtering for form ID, but again, do not see the paths for each asset
  • I can only filter for a single email per interaction and am limited to 7 interactions per journey 

The way the current tool is built, it would take me ~456 separate journey reports to track this campaign from start to finish, which I would have to analyze separately and find a way to compare on my own. That's clearly not the solution. 


How can we improve this tool to enable tracking of this nature?

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Customer Journey (Beta) reporting limitations

Hi @KatieMarr,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community and sending us your valuable feedback! 

I've forwarded this to our product team earlier today and they wanted me to let you know that they're investigating what needs to be done accordingly!


Have a great rest of your week

Mia, Community team 

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Customer Journey (Beta) reporting limitations

Amazing, thank you so much! If they need any clarification, I am always happy to hop on a call.