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Hi all,


We've been using HubSpot for about 7 months, and have pretty much moved all our business over to it. I'm a bit stuck with how best to pull a list of contacts who meet the following criteria:


1. First site visit date is between x and y dates

2. First interaction = download one of our eBooks/sample chapters (we have a mix of lead flows and forms for this)

3. Lifecycle stage =- Opportunity OR a certain Contact Property is known.


So far, I have made a list of contacts that satisfy criterion 1, above, but am struggling for an efficient way to do 2 and 3.


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.






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Hi @michael_pryke


In regards to the two filters you're wondering about...


2. Ebook recipients

-You can use the form submissions on a list to see who submitted the form. Is the ebook on a thank you page or is it directly associated with the form submission? If you have a thank you page with a CTA that leads to the ebook, you could use the thank you  page view, or CTA click to see who is downloading the ebook. 


If your set up is different than what I am describing above, can you provide some additional information about the conversion process you have set up?


3. Making a list with lifecycle stage opportunity or contact property is known. 

-If you have access to the lists tool, you can create a list using the 'or' filter (see screenshot). If you do not have access to the lists tool, you can create two seperate filters on your contacts page. 

Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 9.22.00 AM.png


@DBellamy & @Josh do you have any suggestions for @michael_pryke in regards to gathering this data in HubSpot? 

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There are a couple of options here, but I thin you're original thought process is on track if you're able to use the filters that  @jennysowyrda referenced.


Also, you might want to consider using some lead scoring as well, depending on how large the list is using only the filters that you described. If you use lead scoring you can then look at that same list and sort contacts based on their overall score, which can also include time related things, known fields, etc.


Happy to chat with you about this if via a call if you'd like!

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@michael_pryke@Josh nailed it. Lead scoring is a tool that isn't lauded enough.  The first time I dropped an eBook, lead scoring was how I tracked how users were interacting with it, and my site.  I used that as the foundation to build the lead scoring into a more robust tool for the last company I worked with.


If you are planning on creating a list of people who's first conversion was on one of your forms, you can use the "First Conversion" contact property in a list.  If you are using campaigns, you can use the  "First Touch Converting Campaign."  To isolate users who visited your site at a certain time, you can use the "Time of First Visit" property.  Note this only shows people who first hit your site during specific times, and not necessarily people who converted at a specific time because of your campaign.  People might have visited your site before, but your new ebook campaign would be the thing that pushed them to convert.


It is possible to create lists that identify how many people started and finished a conversion path in a specific manner, but that can turn into a bit of a rabbit hole.  My favorite tool for finding holes in my conversion paths are Google's Goal Flow and Funnel Report.


I hope this was helpful and Happy HubSpotting.