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Hey there!


Been hours looking to create a report in which I can perceive how many emails has sent each worker and how many of them have been replied.

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Guide | Diamond Partner
Guide | Diamond Partner

Create a special report

Hi @AAsla ,

What I understand from your query is that you are looking for a report of the mails your employees sent and how many of them have received a reply? 
You can create an activity based report and use the filter activity type- Email sent to contact and Activity assigned to (your suers). check SS:
Unfortunately, for sales emails, reporting is very limited. you cannot get a report for the email replies. You can upvote the idea here. It will be reviewed by HS product update team and hope they work on this: 
Although, for Marketing emails, you can see who all has replied to your mails: Track replies to marketing emails sent to your connected inbox (

Hope this helps!

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Thanks and Regards. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Create a special report

Hi @AAsla 


Welcome to the Community.


I'll invite a few experts to this conversation that can share their thoughts about this topic. 


Hey @warrendavey @AdamLPW @NicoleSengers what would you recommend in this case?






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