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We have a website that is built on WordPress and uses HubSpot forms in many of the WP pages. I want to know if is there any way to know cookie consent banner is displayed to the users once they land on the website first time. 


Also, how can I know the tracking is enabled on the website? Because I have been observing we are getting leads through form fill but I do not see their pageview activity showing in each of their record activity tabs. I can understand users can fill out the form without accepting the cookies however it could happen with a few users but not all of them. So concerned whether the banner is getting displayed or not.


Can anyone suggest best way to resolve this?



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Cookie Banner Tracking

Hi @KaKaRoT and thanks for the tag @PamCotton !


You can test with your browser in incognito mode so that you don't have your own cookies installed. You can also use another browser as long as you clear cookies first.  (I sometimes use Edge for testing.)  Additionally, it would be helpful to test from another IP address, such as your mobile device on a cellular network or coffee shop, again using incognito mode.


With respect to testing whether tracking is working, visit the site from an IP address that is not excluded from analytics, such as the coffee shop I mentioned above. Use incognito mode. Accept cookies when the banner pops up, and then fill out a form on your own website.  Browse a few pages afterward, and then check for the activity on the contact record you created an hour or two later.  You should see the activity.


If that doesn't work, make sure you have the tracking code installed correctly. You can also try disabling some of your other WordPress plugins and testing again in case another plugin is interfering with tracking.


Hope this helps!

- Trevor
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Cookie Banner Tracking

Hello, @KaKaRoT thank you for posting your goal to our Community!

I want to invite some of our top experts to this conversation to share their thoughts @Whathcock @trevorjones71 @LMeert any recommendations to @KaKaRoT?


Thank you,


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