Comparison between groups of pages in one report


Is it possible to group the traffic that arrives from different pages in a single line in one report? In order to have in this report on the dashboard, the comparison between groups of pages instead of pages (example of comparison between pages below)


comparison between pages.png


I tried so create something similar with the topic cluster, but here I can't see the page views, but only the sessions that begins with one page of the pillar if I understand well, furthermore I can add only 20 pages to a topic cluster...


Thank you


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Hi @SimoneM


I cant think of a way, currently, to do what you are after here. HubSpot doesn't currently have a function for grouping pages for analyisis purposes  - other than topics as you say. 


If this is something that you think would be a useful addition to HubSpot, I recommend you post it over in the ideas forum

For the time being, it might be a task for Google Analytics. 


Hope this helps.

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