Can't find Facebook Pixel and Cookie Settings

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I was connecting HubSpot to my Business Manager. I think somehow the integration duplicated my website pixel. So, I had one for the website and another for the ad account.


I've disconnected the one that wasn't created by me until I figured out it might be created by HubSpot.


So, the newest Pixel had the option "Pixel and Cookie Settings" and my old one has only "Cookie Settings". I deleted the from the old started using the pixel created by HubSpot again and connected it with my Ad Account. 


Now, I can't find that option again even with the new pixel. And HubSpot is no longer tracking my ads.


I'm not really sure, does it make a difference or not or what did I do wrong? 


I think this option might have a solution. Am I right? Can I find a way to activate these settings again?


Annotation 2019-11-03 210520.pngCookie Settings


Annotation 2019-11-03 210553.pngPixel and Cookie Settings


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Hi @sherbinyk,


Are you still looking for assistance with this matter? 


If so, do you mind sharing what troubleshooting steps you have already taken? 


The more information, screenshots (from within HubSpot), and details you can provide, the better the Community can assist.


Thank you,

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