Campaign Influencer Tool reporting attribution for historical revenue


The Influenced Revenue report in the campaigns tool is attributing revenue to campaigns that did not exist when the opp was closed.  Our Salesforce CRM/deal history goes back 8 years (we've been on HS for 6 months) but it looks like campaigns from this year is magically attributing to old revenue. I think this is a severe flaw in the matrix. This report has the potential to be very valuable but currently is only valuable for customers without historical data in their CRM. 


Has anyone else had this issue? Work arounds?

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Hi Kristi, 


Coincidentally I've been having a back-and-forth conversations with HubSpot support about this exact problem in our CRM. Here are some details they provided that might be useful and hopefully others will rally to support a better revenue attribution reporting system.


For [...] these campaigns, any deal that is associated with any influenced contact is brought into [the] influenced revenue figure, regardless of when the deal was closed. It's an imperfect metric at the moment because we include all deals associated with these contacts. This means we aren't looking at revenue from this year only, we're looking at revenue from any deal associated with influenced contacts.


Folks - we need to have this influence revenue report improved. Please help us by voting to improve the way influenced revenue works here: