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I am working on an analysis of our CTAs and need help figuring out how to get information on the time of clicks. Does anyone have a solution to reporting CTA metrics including time of each click and to be able to export this data for all CTAs?




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Hi @SMinhas,


I don't believe that this information is easy to analyze from HubSpot. If you think this data would provide actionable insights for you, here's how I would set it up.


  • Use Google Tag Manager and tag your CTA clicks as events
  • In Google Analytics, use your events report and then use a secondary dimension for time

If someone else knows of a way to pull this easily from HubSpot (or if it even exists), I'd be curious to hear. 


I hope this helps!



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I believe the reason why this wouldn't be possible has to do with the fact that a person who clicks a CTA isn't always a contact in your CRM or they aren't always going to convert and become a new lead after clicking. In other words, I don't think HubSpot can pull information like that because it doesn't have an actual contact/lead to link it to.  


It's the same reason why, for instance, the Prospect analytics page doesn't allow you to see the actual pages that a company viewed. With that being said, for people who clicked a CTA and then filled out a form on a landing page (making them a lead in your CRM), you may be able to go into their contact record and see what time they made that interaction.


These are just my thoughts on it!