CTA event tracking in Google Tag Manager


I can track via GTM using using a "click text" trigger. But I have a page where the CTA text is "download" on all the buttons. If it was a normal hyperlink I could track it via the URL. But I cannot do this with a hubspot CTA. 


Is there a way of uniquely identifying the hubspot CTA's in Google Tag Manager that works to fire an event trigger?


I tried experimenting with "Click ID "Contains" and then with the ID number of the CTA. But no luck.


Any help much appreciated, driving me up the wall.

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Hi @Jadon ,


I just tried this and you can do it by using the Click Classes option. Set it to 'contains' and enter cta_button as the value. 


Screenshot 2020-04-30 at 18.13.24.png


All HS CTAs seem to have the class 'cta_button', so it should trigger for every HS CTA on the page. Is that what you're after? 






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Hi thanks for the reply!


I had tried that and expected it to work! However GTM couldnt see any values inside it and same for click id, etc But I figured it out in the end. Whether its my GTM setup or GTM in general or a hubspot CTA issue but I had to change the trigger type to fire on "just clicks" opposed to all elements (Which should be correct!). 


And then I just changed the label of each tag to reflect the CTA, to fire over to GA.

Hope this helps if anyone else runs into this issue.


Hey Jadon! Could you share screenshots of your solution? I can't get this to work